We nurture
your difference


We design
your content


We manage
your communication


We strive
on challenges

Who we are

ADN Strategy is a consulting firm that specializes on developing and creating client specific marketing content and communication strategies for companies, institutions, associations and NGOs that are people driven and socially committed. ADN Strategy effectively partners and works with organizations and firms that place high value in diversity and inclusion, social initiatives and sustainable development.

We collaborate with our clients to reveal the DNA of their organization and design robust content that brings their unique identity to life.

We believe that effective communication properly aligned with appropriate positioning and relevant content is the last step that unites collaborators, clients and partners around a common vision.

ADN Strategy is home for a group of experts in communication, public relations, digital and strategic planning. At ADN Strategy our experts simultaneously establish brand identity, marketing campaigns and communication strategies in different markets throughout the African continent while implementing a tailor-made approach for each market.

Our Vocation

  • We are client-dedicated
  • We design your profile by integrating your vision and the transformation you target
  • We manage a long-term and tailor-made approach, develop innovative and value added communication strategies and tools
  • We implement your marketing and communication strategy

Our skills

Design your DNA

We design the DNA of projects through a positioning consistent with your organization’s mission and your marketing strategy

Branding your Identity

We create a unique and inspiring identity by providing perspectives, ideas, structured approaches and expertise

Build, Monitor and Measure

We develop a rigorous analytical approach, design, manage and monitor creative communication strategies

Our Unique Methodology

We structure and harmonize tools for internal and external communication strategy in line with your brand and its market positioning

Our expertise

Brand Positioning, Content Management, Communication Strategic Planning

Develop tools and anticipate emerging needs for a continuous process improvement of your communications department

Re-enforce your corporate identity through Internal communication strategy that engages and unites your employees around your vision

Events and projects management

Digital communication and personal branding

Brand and
Graphic Chart

Public relations and
crisis communication

Our added value

ADN Strategy is dedicated to uncovering new perspectives, harvesting innovative ideas, honing creative and analytical methods and harnessing expertise to propel its clients into the next level of success and beyond.

ADN STRATEGY: Nurtures your Difference, Designs your Content, Manages your Communication, Strives on Challenges